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Automate and Streamline

Integrating Hona with Salesforce enhances your law firm's efficiency, providing automated updates and streamlined client communication, ensuring clients are always well-informed.

Elevating Workflows with Legal Case Management Systems and Client Portals 

Nowadays, the majority of law firms employ a Case Management System like Salesforce to oversee their cases and clients. With your cases managed effectively, legal client portals such as Hona can seamlessly integrate with your Salesforce system, automatically updating your clients on their case status. In addition to these updates, clients can easily navigate through their case progress and access educational resources explaining legal procedures. This seamless integration not only boosts law firms' efficiency but also enhances the overall client experience.

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Mastering Automated Updates

Our integration with Salesforce allows your legal team to automate client communication tasks. This keeps your clients informed at every stage of their case, offers them a clear understanding of case progression, and builds their trust.

Elevate with Hona's Capabilities

Direct and Mass Messaging:
Ensure constant contact with legal clients, facilitate document sharing, and participate in platform-based discussions.

Team Collaboration Tab:
Facilitate seamless communication and coordination among team members for case management.

Case Timeline & Education:
Grant clients transparent insight into their case journey and provide access to educational legal materials.

Review Generation Prompts:
Strengthen your firm's image with review generation prompts aimed at eliciting positive client testimonials.

Custom Branding:
Customize the client portal to embody the branding of your firm.

Salesforce Functionality

Data Synchronization with Salesforce Connect:
Keep data between systems in sync automatically.

External Services Wizard:
Easily connect Salesforce to external services.

Platform Events and Change Data Capture:
Stay updated with real-time event streams and data changes.

Data Virtualization and Management:
Access and manage customer data with ease.

Event-Driven Architecture:
Efficiently communicate changes between Salesforce and external sources.

System Integration from Salesforce:
Integrate various systems, including APIs, data, and business logic.

Hona's Impact with Salesforce

Experience how integrating Hona with Salesforce redefines client communication in legal practices. This collaboration enhances firm communication, increases efficiency, and improves the overall client experience with automated case status notifications.

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