Proactive Client Communication

Hona ensures your clients stay informed about their cases, saving your firm time and money by streamlining communication and minimizing the need for extensive calls and emails to address repetitive questions.

Building Trust with
Process Tracking

Hona's platform is dedicated to enhancing the trust between law firms and their clients by providing a transparent, step-by-step tracking system. This approach ensures clients are well-informed and actively engaged throughout the legal process.

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Learn How Hona Supports
Criminal Law

Take Charge of
Your Legal Projects

Our platform acts as a branded portal, uniquely representing your firm’s ethos and professionalism. Dive into a world where saving time and reducing costs is not just an expectation, but a reality. Experience the synergy of advanced project management seamlessly integrated with your brand identity.

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Elevating Your Law
Firm's Reputation

In the competitive landscape of legal services, your firm's reputation is a pivotal factor that can set you apart. At Hona, we're committed to helping you build and maintain a reputation of excellence and trust through our client-centric approach. Leveraging tools like NPS surveys, Online Review Generation, and Birthday Messages, you'll be able to stand out above the crowd.

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Transforming Legal Practice with AI

Hona's Generative AI technology sets a new standard in client communication and data security, designed specifically for the legal field. With the option to toggle AI features on and off within the app, you have complete control over the AI engagement level. This customization ensures that the AI remains focused on providing relevant, legal-specific assistance, keeping conversations centered on addressing your clients' legal queries and educational needs, without straying into unrelated topics.

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Software integrations

Seamless CMS Integrations

Easily sync with your favorite case management tools, ensuring your law firm stays ahead of the curve in client communication, information management, and proactive service delivery.

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Hear from Our Clients

Discover how Hona has positively impacted law firms and their clients through real testimonials.
Tyler Paradis

“Hona strikes again.”

Gabriel Stiritz

"Incredibly useful functionality."

Ali D.

"Hona is very user-friendly. Additionally, it has many great features to help with the attorney - client relationship."

Megan Casselberry

"Matt, Casey, and the entire Hona team have been phenomenal to work with. It's great to have a service that truly partners with you, listens to your ideas and needs, is responsive, and keeps you updated on new features. Hona is an asset to our firm and clients!"

Tittle Perlmuter

"Matt and his team have been phenomenal to work with. They have had high communication since we started with them and truly have gone out of their way to accommodate our firm's specific needs. If you're looking for a software that will grow with you and actually take your feedback into both consideration and action, Hona is the right fit hands down!"

Alex Hoffspiegel

"Before signing a contract with Hona, I looked at a few different companies that provide client update portals/apps for clients and went with Hona. After my staff and I participated in demos with a few different companies, we were unanimous that Hona was the best option because it offered an easy-to-access, straightforward solution to our clients. Competitors tried to do too much, to be too flashy, etc. The onboarding process was seamless. Everyone I have dealt with at the company has been great to work with. No flash or sales tactics -- just approachable and straightforward. I am very happy that I went with Hona."

Domenic Martini

"Hona has helped our firm, Singleton Schreiber, keep our clients informed throughout every aspect of their case. The program is easy to implement and customize, and our clients are satisfied with their newfound ability to check in on their cases without emailing or calling their attorneys. For firms with a large client base, this will save your staff time and resources that usually go to answering client requests for updates."


"Great tool easy to use!"

Beau A.

"The concept is really incredible! It really increases and improves communication with customers so they are clearer at the stage of process their file is at."

Andrea L.

"Makes the client journey smooth!" We've recently implemented Hona for our law firm and look forward to the ways it will improve our client's journey as well as our team's. We're excited to see the results of this great tool and how much time it will free up for more improvements for our client experience."

Maxwell Kinman

"Started using their services 2 months ago.  Small law firm.  They have been greatly receptive to getting onboarding worked out.  Incredibly pleased with the service.  Clients are also enjoying the new service, and I am retaining clients at a higher rate."

Belinda Katko

"We love Hona! First of all, every single person in the company has been a stellar partner to us & genuinely invested in the success of our business. From our very first call, it was a seamless process. They listened to our needs, let us know how they could help, and laid out an easy timeline for implementation. Implementation required minimal effort on our end and we were up and running quickly.

Initially, we planned to stagger our rollout to clients in case we had a lot of clients call in with questions. No one had a question! Clients would receive the first text & log in without any issue. We decided to roll out to our full list of clients & still no issues. We were shocked that it was so easy & that clients were so comfortable with not only the login process but the way the content was presented.

Since we've partnered with Hona, the software itself has needed minimal work on our end.  We've updated a few bits of content here & there. But mostly we've been able to "set it and forget it" because the software does what it's supposed to do.

We looked at other options but have never regretted selecting Hona.  Their software was great when we first implemented it and has gotten even better over time. We appreciate having a partner that's always working to add more features.  Thank you so much to the team at Hona!