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Perfecting the
Client Journey.

The Hona application is an automatic updating software built for law firms. Update, inform, and educate clients on their case without lifting a finger.

Informed Clients Are Happy Clients

Hona's features provide a seamless client experience that keeps clients in the know while giving you and your team back your time.

Automated Forms

We give customers the simplest process possible to fill out and submit the forms that you need. No more uploads, emails, and signature requests from your clients- Hona makes it easy to request and complete forms.

Hona pairs with the software you already use to make client updates easier than ever. When you make changes in your case management tools, Hona automatically updates clients- saving you time and giving clients a standout experience.

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Customer Reviews

Our platform lets you automatically gather customer reviews and post them publicly. We'll make sure you stay up to date with your reviews and ensure that your customers become your best marketing tool!

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Seamless Integrations

Hona's dynamic API seamlessly integrates with your case management system, providing your clients with automated and educational updates on their case status. As you make updates on your end, Hona ensures your clients stay informed and aware of what's to come next

Working with names you trust 
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Case Study

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See Hona in action.

Demo the future of customer experience:

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