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Perfecting Client Communication.

Welcome to Hona, your trusted partner in legal client communication and case management.

Our automatic updating software offers a seamless solution to keep your clients informed, engaged, and educated about their cases, all with minimal effort on your part.

Informed Clients Are Happy Clients

With Hona, you can streamline your client communication, enabling you to focus on the core aspects of your legal practice. Our innovative technology automates case updates, sending timely notifications and important information directly to your clients, so they always stay in the loop.

No more manual emails or phone calls—Hona does it all, efficiently and accurately within its client portal.

Imagine the convenience of knowing that every modification you make in your case management system is instantly relayed to your clients. Hona's dynamic API seamlessly integrates with your current case management system, making this possible.

When you make changes in your case management tools, whether it's updating case details, milestones, or deadlines, Hona automatically updates clients within its portal—saving you time and giving your clients a standout experience. 


Our portal’s compatibility extends to a wide range of industry-leading case management software platforms, including Clio, CASEpeer, mycase, and many more.

Case Management

The case management platforms that Hona integrates with, including Filevine, mycase, CASEpeer, Neos, and Clio.

Automated Client Forms

Hona gives your clients the simplest process possible to complete and submit necessary forms. Say goodbye to the days of manual paperwork handling and welcome the future of effortless form management. No more uploads, emails, and signature requests from your clients—we make it easy to request and complete forms. 

By choosing Hona, you not only simplify the form-filling process but also enhance the overall client experience. Clients appreciate the convenience of being able to fulfill their obligations from the comfort of their own devices, at their own pace. This level of ease and flexibility fosters trust and satisfaction, reinforcing your legal firm's commitment to excellent service.

Screenshot of Hona’s automated client onboarding forms featuring fields for Name, Birthdate, Phone Number, Address, And Tell Us About Your Case
Screenshot of Hona’s “Get Case Info” client form featuring fields for Date of Accident, Did you file a Police Report?, Please Describe What Happened, and What Problems Has This Caused

Customer Reviews

At Hona, we understand the power of client feedback in building trust and credibility for your law firm. Our platform goes beyond simplifying client communication and case management, it also lets you automatically gather legal client reviews and post them publicly.


Our system takes care of the entire review collection workflow, from sending polite review requests to collating responses. We'll make sure you stay up to date with your reviews and ensure that your customers become your best marketing tool!

Screenshot of Hona’s customer review feature. In this example, Big City Law has three five star reviews from their legal clients.
 A Google Business Profile “submit a review” button.

Working with names you trust 

Y Combinator logo: Proudly backed by Y Combinator
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FCC seal: TCPA Compliant. We meet the FCC standard for text message communication.

Seamless Integrations

Hona's dynamic API seamlessly integrates with your case management system, providing your clients with automated and educational updates on their case status. As you make updates on your end, Hona ensures your clients stay informed and aware of what's to come next

Customer Testimonials For Hona

"We love Hona! From our very first call it was a seamless process. We looked

at other options but have never regretted selecting Hona. Their software was

great when we first implemented and has gotten better over time."

Belinda Katko
The Wilson PC

See Hona in action.

Elevate your practice with Hona! Demo the future of customer experience, client communication, and case management integration.

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