Hona’s Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating through the features and capabilities of Hona can raise some questions.

General Questions

How long does implementation take?

Not as long as your case management software ;) Depends on the size of the firm, but typically typically around 2 weeks.

Can we choose which clients use Hona?

Absolutely. Hona's default setting sends to all your clients, but you can easily change that setting on a per client basis.

Is Hona only for Law Firms?

No! Hona functions with many different business types. We service solar installs, physical therapists, marketers, and more!

What does my staff need to do to keep Hona running?

Nothing! Our integrations allow for automated, seamless triggers and client communication.

Can I use Hona without a smartphone?

Yes, Hona is accessible through our web portal at hona.app.

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