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Fact finding, discovery, motions, depositions? Let’s face it, the average client has no idea what these terms mean or what happens when they get there. With Hona they don’t have to- our automated and personalized portal plugs into your case management system to automatically update and educate clients at every phase of the case, saving you time to focus on winning their case.

At every phase of the case, Hona sends out a text notification to your client with a link to their case portal. Once they enter Hona, we offer a wealth of personalized resources to let them learn about their case and ease their nerves. We let you focus on the case and them on getting their life back on track.

Employment Law

Keep clients in the know.

Enhance client communication with less work on your part.

Automated Phase Updates

We directly connect to your case management software and as you and your legal staff make updates, your client will automatically be kept in the loop.

Customized Verbiage

Make a personalized message to both update and educate your client as to what is going on at each step of the process. With a customized FAQ section your clients will have commonly asked questions right on their phone.


Dive into the data. See how often your clients are utilizing the application, thereby saving your legal staff from unnecessary interruption. 


Milestones prompts clients to leave a review at the close of their case. Collect more 5 star reviews and discover ways to improve your firm.

See Hona in action.

Eliminate unnecessary communication and improve customer experience with automatic update notifications.

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