Elevating Client Communication

Hona + CASEpeer


Elevating Engagement

Hona's integration with CASEpeer legal software transforms the way law firms interact with clients. This combination sets your firm apart by offering an engaging and highly efficient client experience.

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Mastering Automated Updates

Experience the efficiency of Hona’s integration with CASEpeer, designed to relieve your legal team from manual tasks while maintaining continuous client communication. Provide clients with a transparent overview of case updates, fostering trust and nurturing strong client relationships.

Elevate with Hona's Capabilities

Direct and Mass Messaging:
Streamline internal communications and case coordination.

Team Collaboration Tab:
Streamline internal communications and case coordination.

Case Timeline & Education:
Give clients a clear understanding of their case journey and access to educational content.

Review Generation Prompts:
Boost your firm's reputation with prompts for positive client reviews.

Custom Branding:
Personalize the client portal with your firm's unique branding.

CASEpeer & Hona: The Proactive Pair

Comprehensive Case Management:
Organize and track every aspect of your cases.

Detailed Timelines:
Stay on top of case progress with intuitive timelines.

Task and Calendar Management:
Efficiently manage tasks and important dates.

Litigation and Negotiation Tools:
Access advanced tools for litigation and negotiations.

Cost Tracking:
Keep an accurate record of case expenses.

Medical Treatment Tracking:
Monitor clients’ medical treatment progress.

Document Management:
Organize and access case documents seamlessly.

Hona's Impact with CASEpeer

Discover how Hona seamlessly enhances communication within CASEpeer's client firms. By integrating Hona, enhance your firm's efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience with automated notifications of case statuses.

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