Transforming Legal Case Management

Hona + Filevine


Automating Client Updates

Integrating Hona with Filevine accelerates your firm's operations, offering automation that keeps clients updated and saves time. This synergy enhances Filevine’s powerful case management system with automated status updates, ensuring clients are always in the loop.

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Mastering Automated Updates

Hona’s integration with Filevine liberates your legal team from time-consuming tasks while providing clients with continuous updates on their case. This transparent view of case progression cultivates trust and strengthens client relationships.

Elevate with Hona's Capabilities

Direct and Mass Messaging:
Streamline internal communications and case coordination.

Team Collaboration Tab:
Streamline internal communications and case coordination.

Case Timeline & Education:
Give clients a clear understanding of their case journey and access to educational content.

Review Generation Prompts:
Boost your firm's reputation with prompts for positive client reviews.

Custom Branding:
Personalize the client portal with your firm's unique branding.

Filevine & Hona: The Proactive Pair

Cloud-Based Case Management:
Access case information from anywhere, anytime.

Custom Reports:
Tailor reports to meet your firm's specific needs.

Cloud-Based Case Management:
Access case information from anywhere, anytime.

Calendars & Deadlines Features:
Stay on top of critical case timelines.

Customizable Case Management Software:
Adapt Filevine to suit your firm's workflow.

Efficiently track and manage billable hours.

Bulk Invoice Generation:
Simplify the invoicing process for multiple cases.

Contact Management:
Keep client and case contacts organized and accessible.

Team Management:
Manage your team’s workload and productivity efficiently.

Hona’s Impact with Filevine

Discover the transformative effect of integrating Hona with Filevine. Enhance firm communication, increase efficiency, and improve the overall client experience with automated case status notifications.

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