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Hona's Integrations

With Hona and Salesforce, speed up your firm with automation to keep your clients updated and save time.

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The Modern Law Firm: Automated Case Updates

Our seamless integration will free your legal team from time-consuming manual tasks while keeping your clients informed at every stage. Provide a clear understanding of case progression to foster trust in your firm and nurture the client relationship.

Hona automatically enhances Salesforce's customers' firm communication with clients, increases efficiency, and improves overall customer experience with automatic case status notifications.

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Collaborative Power: Case Management Systems and Client Portals

What do you use to manage your cases and clients? Many law firms are using some iteration of a Client Management Software (CMS) system to help manage their caseload. Often in the legal realm, these systems are referred to as “Case Management Systems.“ Case Management systems, such as Salesforce, practicality and modernization to a firm.


With all of your cases being properly managed, legal professionals are able to automate much of the client communication. Legal client portals such as Hona are able to look for updates in your case management system, and then automatically send notifications to your clients as to what is going on in their case. Alongside these updates, clients are able to navigate through the process of their case and view educational explanations of how the case works. In 2023, technology is allowing law firms to function more efficiently while also providing a better experience for their clients.

Keep Your Clients in the Know

Hona is an innovative client-updating software purpose-built for legal professionals. Streamline communication with clients and keep them in the know throughout every stage of the case. 

  • Direct and mass messaging

  • Team tab

  • Case timeline & education

  • Increase positive reviews 

  • Custom branding

  • Increase productivity & save time

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