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Personal injury cases are long, stressful, and for most clients completely unfamiliar. Along with a confusing case process, your clients are dealing with medical appointments, lifestyle changes, and post-accident trauma. Giving your clients a seamless, easy-to-understand experience transforms their case from daunting and stressful to hopeful and stress-free. 


When your firm lacks a way to manage the clients’ experience it leads to unnecessary and redundant phone calls, emails, and office visits. Hona lets you automate the education and update process so that your clients feel taken care of and you get your time back to focus on winning their case. 

Personal Injury 

Automatic Updating Software for Personal Injury Lawyers.

Automated Phase Updates

We directly connect to your case management software and as you and your legal staff make updates, your client will automatically be kept in the loop.

Customized Verbiage

Make a personalized message to both update and educate your client as to what is going on at each step of the process. With a customized FAQ section your clients will have commonly asked questions right on their phone.

Secure & Confidential

Rest assured that proprietary information and sensitive details will not reach anybody but your client. Using Multi-factor authentication (MFA), we ensure that case information is only getting to your desired client.

Automated System

Onboarding Email Graphics (3).png

Don’t burden your team with learning another tool. Once Hona is integrated, updates are sent out with no additional effort. Hona offers a client portal, automatic updating, mass messaging and more purpose built for personal injury lawyers.

See Hona in action.

Eliminate unnecessary communication and improve customer experience with automatic update notifications.

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